Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Macy's Ad Retargeting

1. Purchased 2 winter coats from @Macys (end of season) about a week ago.

2. Macy's retargeting (you know when you see ads for websites you visit after you leave the site? that's retargeting) followed me around the internet even though I had already purchased.

3. One of the ads showed the coat I purchased, but at a lower price

4. I clicked. Submitted a price adjustment request. Macy's approved it (image attached)

5. Summary - Macy's paid ~$3 to show me an ad that cost them about $15 in price adjustments.

6. Summary 2 - Ad networks need a better way to know when people transact*. There's probably a decent amount of money wasted on showing ads to ppl who shouldn't be seeing them.

*The solution would probably require one or two of the following:

a) for ad networks to agree on a common ad targeting methodology
b) broad industry consolidation
c) data sharing between ad networks