Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this momentary marriage

"I love using my tiny digital camera. But the larger and more complex a subject, the more nearly impossible it is to represent it well and completely. No single photograph can show someone how magnificent the Grand Canyon is. It's true that my shortcomings as a photographer do nothing to change the majesty of that natural wonder. Still, some snapshots do give a better idea than others of the grandeur. I want to take that clearer kind of picture of the Grand Canyon. And that's the kind of image of Jesus I want our marriage to display"

-Noel Piper

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

prayer concerns

Yesterday I was praying for the Lord to help me to love others more than I love myself and my comfort/ease.

Difficult to see and truly care for the needs of others when my own desires for comfort and ease keep getting in the way

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trees and fruit

Imagine, if you will, a democrat who believes in small government. This democrat also believes that large corporations and the wealthy pay much more than their fair share in taxes and that measures should be taken to cut their tax burden while increasing the tax burden on the poor and middle class. They also believe that abortion should be illegal, that marriage should only recognized between a man and a woman, that healthcare is a privilege, not a right...and a bunch of things along those lines.

you still with me?

Imagine this person growing upset with anyone who tries to call them a republican. They also justify their self-identification as a democrat by pointing to the fact that not only does their voter registration card say "democrat", but their parents were democrats and they spent a significant amount of time in life attending democrat club meetings.

what would you conclude about this person?

Ok - so now i need you to understand something that frustrates me: That thing is people in this country that self-identify as christians without the existence of anything in their lives that reflects such an identification outside of occasional church attendance. They claim to be apple trees, but there are no apples on them.

It wouldn't frustrate me as much as it does if people who were christians in name only were the exception to the rule. But that isn't the case! I find, especially in new york city, that such people are the norm.

I know, and hear stories about far too many people who, if confronted, would say things like "I'm a christian but..." or "I'm a christian and I see absolutely nothing wrong with (insert some real sinful stuff here)". Here's a prime example.


Pray for me, fam. I want a heart that consistently desires to love on people like this, rather than to completely separate myself from them.

Friday, March 4, 2011