Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prosperity Gospel/Ted Haggard

I'm so glad that a lot of these prosperity gospel charlatans are being exposed for what they are. Prayerfully their congregants will see the thoroughly unbiblical nature of the "name it and claim it" and "speak _____ over yourself" (insert: prosperity, healing, victory etc) doctrines and get into sound doctrine churches. May their ears itch for the expository preaching of the word of God.

Article on Fall of Prosperity churches

Kenneth Copeland, Randy and Paula White and Thomas Weeks are among them. Thomas Weeks is Juanita Bynum's ex-husband. He and Juanita had a much publicized bout of domestic violence in a hotel parking lot about 18 months ago.


Ted Haggard sounds more like someone who is trying to be politically correct in an effort to save his career rather than a person who is seeking to glorify God during one of the darkest times in his life. I feel like he is trying to justify himself in the eyes of the world so that he can get his new career up and off the ground.

There are politically correct ways to address sin and there are biblical ways to address sin. Here's what Ted said on Oprah:

"Now, I do believe the Bible is the word of God. I believe God's ideal for us is to live in heterosexual monogamous marriages. I just believe that," he says. "I think it's an ideal, just like I wish there wasn't divorce. So an ideal is that there not be divorce, but there is divorce. An ideal is that heterosexual monogamous marriages would be there, but that's an ideal."

Words have meaning. This was about as good as Rick Warren's pluralistic "In the name of the one who changed MY life" at the inauguration. Why not use this as an opportunity to quote what scripture authoritatively has to say about those who make a practice of homosexuality? Why not use this as an opportunity to talk about how God sees our sin and the condemnation that our sin merits? Why not use this as an opportunity to proclaim the forgiveness of God and the fact that forgiveness is based on the merit and work of Christ alone (and not our good works)?

I'm certain that the homosexual community and christian men/women who struggle with homosexual desires were carefully listening to every word that Ted Haggard had to say. He missed a perfect opportunity to preach Acts 17:30 to those that think that God has no problem with homosexual behavior and to also encourage struggling believers to continue on in sanctification because God will complete the work that he started!

This man was a VERY INFLUENTIAL pastor for quite some time before he was removed. It is safe to say that he knows how to say exactly what he wants to say when given the opportunity. The fact that his words came off as being intentionally vague bother me. Compromise on the use of clear language when the topic is clearly addressed in scripture indicates a desire to please men that supersedes any desire to please the Lord.

Another thing that concerns me in all of this is the fact that he still seems salty about his church firing him. The man lived in continuous sin for years (as a pastor!) and only said anything about it when exposed and HE'S SALTY? really? I pray that he would be humbled by his sin in light of the grace of God demonstrated through Jesus Christ.

The thing that bothers me even more is the hush money that his church paid to a 22 year old man that he had an inappropriate relationship with over a period of a few years. Where is the accountability? Why didn't anyone step forward and demand that he step down? Is it because he was popular and this was an ugly situation? What about honoring the Lord despite the fallout that may result?

In other news, his wife's character is silently preaching sermons. Apparently, the director of the HBO documentary purchased a bible because "seeing the Haggard family live out the biblical message of forgiveness was so powerful". The director is nancy pelosi's daughter! Pray for her.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

bschool/gmat/nyc/cops/new stuff/etc

I'm trying out a new firefox add-on. We'll see how it works.

I was able to successfully submit my applications to business school. I poured my heart and soul out into those 5 essays (i used a common application...If any of you care, I can email you my app essays) and my prayer is that I would get in and get a full scholarship!!

NYU is still my top choice.

I retook the gmat on wednesday morning and did really well. God is gracious.

I spent a lot of time in brooklyn with my family. I went to my parent's church and my sister's church each sunday (parent's 7:30, sister 11:00). I helped my sister with cleaning out her new diggs (my grandmother's old house) as her and her future husband (the wedding is on 1/17) will be living in brooklyn.

I actually went out and did some shopping, only because I have a strong feeling that deals wont always be this good. I got some clothes, a winter jacket, A NEW CAMERA (nikon s610 - wide angle lens, it is old camera with the broken LCD became a completely broken camera when it dropped about 20 feet to the ground out of my pant's pocket. I had plans to fix the LCD again, but that drop killed the camera) and a 750gig hard drive (laCie usb 2.0).

I'm going to use the hard drive to backup my 160gig external hard drive which has ALL of my pictures, video and documents from the past 7 years. One day I was sitting around asking myself "what would i do if i lost all the pictures that are stored on this hard drive?".


I didn't leave nyc and come back to baltimore until late monday/early tuesday (i submitted my apps monday night, ate dinner and then hit the road). I got pulled over by police in my maryland neighborhood for going ~50+ in a 40-->45 zone. They didn't give me a ticket b/c they were radaring a car that was going 45 in the 40 and i "blew by that car". I was terrified when they asked me if i had any drugs.

I'm REALLY behind with things for my job. I've been sick and i've also been having a hard time getting focused (i really needed a break after putting in so many hours on my applications). I'm going to catch up tonight and this weekend.

I've got an all day studio session on saturday. I'll bring my camera and take pics/video!!