Saturday, February 26, 2011

believing without seeing

Did an outreach with my church last night. A small church has a "friday night camp" of sorts for children (aged 5-15) and they invite other churches in to minister to the kids.

We were talking about doubting thomas and how we can believe in things that we cannot see.

Here's an excerpt from my small group of 5-8yr olds:

SCENE: I just finished talking about how we can't see how cell phones work, but we believe that they will.

me: another thing that you believe in but can't see?
*kid raises hand eagerly*
*i acknowledge kid*
kid: my dad has a cell phone

Saturday, February 19, 2011


ever look back over your life and think about how many things the Lord kept you from? Never ceases to amaze me. #justsayin

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prank Calls

I turned the radio on as I was in the bathroom washing up yesterday morning. My dial is currently locked into the local station that plays the Steve Harvey morning show.

They were doing a prank call when i turned the radio on.

A husband had the show prank call his wife to make it seem as though the husband was cheating on his wife. The people on the show took the joke REALLY far.

The wife, very angrily, swore to do some combination of killing/beating down of her husband. They let her get angry for about 2-3 minutes and then they said "HAAAA, YOU'RE BEING PRANKED BY THE STEVE HARVEY MORNING SHOW!!!!!"

not cool.

I can understand how messing with someone's feelings for something unimportant could be funny. For example, i once prank emailed a coworker to lead him to believe that his car was being towed from the office parking lot. He ran into my office and frantically asked me if i knew what was going on and then ran downstairs only to see that there was no tow truck in the parking lot at all.


On the other hand, i would equate what happened on the steve harvey morning show to prank calling someone to tell them that their mother died and letting them grieve for 2-3 minutes and then telling them that you were just joking.

soooo uncool.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Avoiding a fight

An 18 year old kid had something to say to me as I was walking past him on the train platform yesterday. The dude said it in a way that was asking for a fight.

I didn't bump into him or anything. I was simply walking to the exit - he was traipsing. He and his friend were high on something.

There was a clever and angry comeback on the tip of my tongue after he said:
"Man, i hate nwords that be walking past me like that...i be ready to knock them nwords out"
but i knew that there was nothing good that could have possible come of engaging this dude.


Either i would've got beaten up, HE would've got beaten up (and then i would have reason to fear retaliation), we would've talked big and he would be sure to get back at me at some point in the future or he would've done some typical young gang member type stuff and shot me because his pride felt threatened.

I'd also like to take this time to thank Dave Chappelle for making "When keeping it real goes wrong"