Sunday, December 20, 2009

first semester almost done

can't believe that i'm one final away from the end of my first semester at business school. This whole thing has felt like a dream. Last year at this time I was really nervous about getting into business school, how I was going to pay for it and what i was going to do about the fact that the GMAT that i waited until the last minute to take was too low (it is a timed exam and i was interrupted by a proctor at the worst possible time).

and yet in spite of all my worry (read: my sin) God graciously and abundantly blessed me. He provided for all of my needs AND MORE.

And recently, I was tempted to doubt the sufficiency of God's provision (by worrying a whole lot about the future as it related to employment), but the Lord is faithful despite my faithlessness. I was powerfully encouraged at a concert that same day by a friend of mine who had NO IDEA what i was going through, but was recounting (on the mic) about a time when the Lord brought him through a period of doubt. In all things i will give thanks because his grace is sufficient.

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