Friday, October 22, 2010

Whooping and Hollering

A CNN article on black preachers who "whoop"

i had a hard time saying anything about this article b/c there is so much emphasis on the fact that pastors have to "earn the right to whoop".

The way that they earn their way there sounded pretty good.

And i honestly don't see anything wrong with the mirthful celebration that whooping can lead to.

i think my biggest problem is that I KNOW the black church. While in it, it was probably all mirth for me, but in my reflections, i've experienced more sadness than mirth.

i've gone through periods of the "self-hatred" that was described in the article - but that "self-hatred" was informed by the culture in the black church being overwhelmingly "black" as opposed to overwhlemingly "christian".

just my $0.02

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