Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Avoiding a fight

An 18 year old kid had something to say to me as I was walking past him on the train platform yesterday. The dude said it in a way that was asking for a fight.

I didn't bump into him or anything. I was simply walking to the exit - he was traipsing. He and his friend were high on something.

There was a clever and angry comeback on the tip of my tongue after he said:
"Man, i hate nwords that be walking past me like that...i be ready to knock them nwords out"
but i knew that there was nothing good that could have possible come of engaging this dude.


Either i would've got beaten up, HE would've got beaten up (and then i would have reason to fear retaliation), we would've talked big and he would be sure to get back at me at some point in the future or he would've done some typical young gang member type stuff and shot me because his pride felt threatened.

I'd also like to take this time to thank Dave Chappelle for making "When keeping it real goes wrong"

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