Saturday, June 11, 2011

Open Book

One of my favorite Christian Rappers:

Emmanuel Lambert aka DA Truth. His music really encouraged me in my walk. A few years back he found himself stepping down from ministry because of willful and persistent sin in his personal life. Some would describe it as a big fall (if i were a charismatic and expressive preacher, i would say something like "OH, but a big fall means a big restoration! *organ riff*) :o)

I was listening to a song of his from his 3rd album (Open Book) called "who am I?" while driving in my car yesterday and the chorus stood out to me:

Who am I?
Am I more like Cain full of hatred to my brother to slain?
Who am I?
Or am I more like Jezebel sexual in all my ways?
Who am I?
Or am I more like Mary pure and holy 'till I lay in the grave?
Who am I?
Or am I more like Abel, able to please God with my ways?

The thing that came to mind is that although this song is helpful to believers for the purpose of introspection/self-examination, we need to keep in mind that our identity is hidden in Christ. Though lives may have been lived that were full of willful and persistent sin, those in Christ when asked about who they are can joyfully respond "A sinner, saved by grace".

We certainly don't want a book about our lives to show that we are poor examples, but we must remember that in God's book - the life of the one who was and is perfect is credited to our account. :o)

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