Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I was thinking the other day that men need to be intentional about respecting women and encouraging  other men and boys to do the same.

My girl (futurewife) was telling me a crazy story last night that really messed me up. She had some friends visiting from philly. They dragged her out to times square late Saturday night. While out there some men started to harass them - one of them even started to caress the hair of one of the girls (completely unwelcome contact). My girl was able to step in and stop a bad situation from getting worse, but what I found most troubling was the hearts of the men. What makes dudes think that they can treat women so disrepectfully?

Part of me is like "if I punch dude in the face, he'll learn" but nothing could be further from the truth and nothing could bring me closer to getting stabbed on the street :l

Me? I'm just going to pray. I'm going to pray for the city and I'm going to pray for vision to see different things that I can do as well as for vision to see the things that I can encourage others to do. Things are so out of control. But God is sooo in control :o)

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