Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weird Eating Preferences revisited

Here is a picture of a lunch that i made for myself:

Salad Ingredients: Lettuce, grated carrots, pieces of WW bread & lite honey mustard dressing.
Drink? 10 parts water, 1 part 100% apple juice (not apple drink nor apple juice cocktail)

I'm a simple man and I'm a fan of simple things. I always feel nervous about letting ppl prepare stuff for me because they are generally inclined to ADD things that THEY would like that I would deem wholly unnecessary and/or ruinous to a meal. In my salads and on my sandwiches, I can do without tomatoes, cucumbers, all kinds of raw onions, cabbage, raw peppers and I can ESPECIALLY do without cheese...but normal people LOVE these things.

Normal people also love drinking undiluted fruited juices as though they aren't the liquid equivalent of a mouth full of sour power (the kind that comes on the flat bed, not the kind that came in the vertical bag). I am not normal.

Here is a recent interaction that will demonstrate this quirk (can you call it that?) in action:

Was asked to make a Panera order with an admin from a client company for a lunch meeting tomorrow. The admin sent out the menu. This was my response to her:

"Could I have the frontega chicken without the tomatoes, mozzarella and mayo? If we are being given an option to pick sides, i would prefer an apple as a side. I always dread giving my lunch order out because i'm a picky eater. If this makes things too difficult - i'd be fine with the smoked turkey breast cafe sandwich. Thank you for taking these orders"
Her response to me:

I would not call that picky .... you just know what you want ... I don't think your request will be a problem at all.
Awesome. So glad that she was so accommodating. I should probably bring her flowers or something when I go into the office for tomorrow's meeting.

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