Friday, September 25, 2015

Why I (probably) Won't Buy Amazon Prime

In light of all the buzz surrounding their new series "Transparent", Amazon is offering a one day only Prime sale.

I'm probably not going to sign up. Here are the benefits of a prime membership:

Here's why I think 12:00 am PDT on 9/26/2015 will come and $67 will still be in my pocket:

1. Free Two Day Shipping:
 $35+ order free regular speed shipping works fine for me. I don't shop at Amazon as much as I used to and when I do, it is usually to buy stuff that costs more than $35 (like protein powder, camera lenses and smartphones).

2. Unlimited Ad-Free Streaming Music:
I never really got into the whole music streaming thing - I think the biggest hurdles for me have been incomplete streaming libraries and weird rules about offline access.

I typically buy complete albums from the Amazon mp3 marketplace and listen to them on my 120gb Microsoft Zune. I don't want to use my phone to listen to music because my phone is too big to carry around the gym and music always gets interrupted by notifications. If someone would make a connected device to replace my Zune, I would buy it. Maybe there's an android device out there somewhere.

3. TV Show Streaming:
There is too much good stuff on TV. I have too many choices. My humongous DVR is full of stuff that I don't have time to watch, why do I need more stuff?

4. Unlimited Photo Storage:
The unlimited photo storage is cool, but I'm currently using Microsoft One Drive (dropbox cut my storage, in turn, I cut dropbox) to back up pictures I take on my phone. I keep redundant external hard drive backups of photos I take on my DSLR and I've recently started using Flickr, which offers 1TB of free cloud storage, to back up/showcase these same photos.

5. Free Kindle Books:
I barely read books - and when I do, I read physical books. Currently reading a hard copy of "God is The Gospel" by John Piper. Good stuff.

6. It's On Sale! :
~$5.50/mo is enticing, but it goes back up to the normal price of $8.25/mo after a year. This is not a lot of money, but i'd rather keep my money in my pocket than pay for convenience that I probably won't use

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