Saturday, August 27, 2016

Google Knows Where I Parked My Car

I didn't forget, but it is nice to know #GoogleNow remembers where I parked #bigbrother?

(Google apparently also knows that I have bills due soon)

The really cool/spooky thing here is that Google was able to correctly guess that I drove myself to this rehearsal and discern what the parking to walking transition looks like using GPS data.

I'm interested to know why Google didn't think I caught a cab (maybe b/c I never take cabs) or rode my bike (maybe b/c my max speed was about 30mph and Google knows that I'm not Lance Armstrong - although I'm prob 20% of what he is w/o hill climb game is strong).

It is obvious that I didn't take mass transit b/c I didn't disappear from location services while underground and my drive did not mirror a bus route at all.

But I feel like this trip could have been an uber pool ride taken with a friend or someone picking me up and dropping me off. I guess that since Google knows I'm a driver who never uses the uber app that there was prob a 97% chance that their guess was right. was.

Nice work, Google

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