Saturday, November 27, 2010


Just a quick thought:

The truth of what someone is saying has nothing to do with whether or not they believe it or put it into practice. It may call into question whether or not they are the best person to share such a truth, but it does not render their claim worthless.

This thought came to mind as i read an article on the New Jersey pastor that gave the leadership at his church the following options:

1. Close your facebook account
2. Step down from leadership

The pastor's reasoning behind the mandate was that it was a means of protecting marriages, since facebook provides easy access to old flames and such.

It then came out that the pastor invited an assistant at his church to join as a third party to marital relations shared between the pastor and his wife in 2003.

Though i do not agree with how the pastor is going about trying to promote sexual morality, the fact that he was at one time guilty of the sexual immorality that he is trying to prevent does not mean that the leadership in his church shouldn't seek sexual morality at all costs.

Now, with those things said i think it is important to highlight the following:

1. The pastor's mandate was a great idea since we all know that there was no marital infidelity before facebook.

2. On a more serious note: 8 years of secrecy about sin is grounds for this pastor to step down/be immediately removed. Just sayin.

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