Saturday, November 20, 2010

still single

still single. not really worrying. Praying that my heart would be at rest in the Lord and his provision.

There are times when i wonder if my standards are too high.

I've loosened the reigns on the "must be reformed" and "must be in a good church". But i'm still single.

I don't think my physical standard is too high. I'm not waiting for the proverbial "halle berry" to come along. In my fraternity in college, some dudes actually made fun of me for having a physical attractiveness bar that was set too low (" think SHE'S attractive?!?") that isn't the issue.

From a personality perspective - i'm just looking for chemistry. I think that will come from some degree of mutual understanding. Doesn't have to get all my jokes (i tell bad jokes - lots of them), but should be someone who would appreciate the effort, you know?

to be honest, i've had "chemistry" with girls i've met over the past 1.5yrs in school, but they all hit their heads on the "must be a christian" bar (and not just someone who goes to church twice a year).

Aside: that "hit their heads on the 'must be christian' bar" reversed the "bar" analogy. The "bar" was initially something that people would have to step/climb over, but in this case, the bar is something that would have to be walked under - hope this doesn't cause confusion.

idk, yo.


  1. ok.

    not that my opinion counts on this subject, but ... relax, dude. you live in the largest city in the country. it also looks like you don't spend your life hiding behind closed doors. so long as you're not that impossible-standard-combined-with-afraid-to-talk-to-women type, you'll be good.

    if that doesn't work, grow that hair back at least a millimeter! you should have listened to me long ago on that; i'm a chick! lol! j/k.

  2. wow eve! i was never notified about this comment. thanks for posting :o)!!

  3. this post may or may not still be relevant to me