Friday, December 24, 2010

2nd amendment rights?

The more i hear about senseless violence, the more i consider whether or not I want to exercise my 2nd amendment rights. As a christian (if i choose to carry), is the right response to someone threatening my life the immediate seizure of theirs?

I look in the eyes of some of these people that have been arrested recently for heinous crimes in my neighborhood and I see apathy. If there are people that are walking around that don't value human life, I think that I would like to be in the position to take theirs if/when they seek to take mine.

I'm inclined to say that these people need Jesus (they do), so they need my gracious words and my "tunic" more than they need reciprocal violence. But i'm also inclined to say that if i'm not being persecuted for my faith, these people are very capable of making a mistake that would liberate me to ensure it is the last they make.

what say ye?

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