Friday, December 17, 2010

No more Mr. Nice Guy?

I'm a nice guy. I do favors for people. I do nice things for people. But i find that being a nice guy opens the door for people to take advantage of my niceness.

Recently, this has taken shape in people (in my band) using me and my car as a means of free transportation to/from rehearsals and shows.

Today is my last day of niceness (to band freeloaders - not to you guys).

We had to go to a show that was a relatively long way outside of brooklyn. I had a car full of people (6 total). Only one guy gave me some money for gas - and he gave more than his fair share.

Never again will any of the people in this particular band ride in my car for free.

Gas is about $3.30/gallon here in nyc. I remember when gas was above $4/gallon a few years back. But the cost of gas isn't the issue.

I don't really care how much gas costs. I don't really think twice about when i pull into a gas station. I put my credit card in, fill up and leave.

The real issue is one of principle. Taking advantage of people is not cool. thoughts?

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