Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weird Eater

I'm a picky eater. I wish that i weren't. My finickiness does not follow a logical pattern. I've made lots of people upset throughout my life due to my eating habits (no really upset). The most common weird food habit of mine that i'm compelled to share with people is my:

"Aversion to cheese that is not on pizza"

Weird, i know.

Last night, i went out to dinner with a big group and ordered the fish, specifically the ceviche. I would've ordered one of the other items, but every other option had a deal breaker (there was a lot of seafood mixed in with the other dishes and i can't do seafood <--more pickiness).

I had no idea what ceviche was, but i knew that it wasn't shellfish.

The waiter eventually brought out my food. He came with a cold margarita glass that was filled with stuff covered in a white sauce. This was my ceviche.

#1 - I can't do white sauces.
#2 - Apparently ceviche is served raw - i don't do raw fish/poultry/meat

I called the waiter close and asked him:

"is this ceviche?" Yes
"is it cooked" No
"Can i have something else?" Yes. Would you like the chicken fondue?
"Does that have cheese?" Yes
"no" Can you do seafood?
"no...could i just have what that guy had minus the shrimp?" Yes.

And that was it! they took care of me. didn't make a big deal out of it and didn't make me feel weird for being weird. I'm so glad that things worked out - they could've gone so much worse. Oh to be normal.

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