Thursday, April 14, 2011


Things are not looking good for the police officers that have been accused of raping a drunk woman over here in new york city.

One officer had sex with the woman, the other officer served as a lookout. The officer accused of rape is saying that whatever happened between them (he's denying sex) was consensual. The woman was saying she was raped - and if they did have sex, the law would be on her side since excessively drunk people cannot give consent.

The officer accused of rape is saying that he's innocent.

what bothers me the most is the evidence of the officers covering things up (returning to the scene on multiple occasions, filing fake complaints with 911 to justify another trip to the building, ignoring other pressing crimes to return to the scene). The complainant also recorded a conversation with the cop outside a police station where he admits to having sex with her and also admits to wearing a condom.

Since this is the case, why is dude on the stand acting like he's innocent?

why lie?

why not just man up, tell the truth and deal with the consequences (no matter how harsh they may be)? I would have so much more respect for dude if he just said "ok, here's what happened..."

"respect" wouldn't mean that i would want for him to not go to jail, but respect, would mean that i would hope that he would receive maybe a year off what the judicial matrix recommends for a sentence for not wasting people's time.

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