Sunday, March 22, 2009

bass/jdubs/other stuff

Sitting in my room on a sunday night. Just played a whole bunch of bass guitar. Felt good to sit down with my new stuff. Here are some pictures!

Same speaker cabinets and preamp, just a different power amp. It is a crown xti2000. Dissimilar to most power amplifiers, it is digital, so I can do a lot of tone shaping stuff with this software that i downloaded on my laptop.

I didn't plan this, but the power amplifier and the pre amplifier have lights that MATCH PERFECTLY!!! Here's a night picture!!

what to talk about...what to talk about...ummmm

last weekend 7 guys that were driving from georgia to philadelphia for a christian hip hop concert made a pit stop at my house early on saturday morning so that they could get some rest before the last leg of the trip. As people were starting to doze off, some Jehovah's Witnesses rang the bell. We invited them inside and spent about 2 hours going through scripture. I did not really want to invite them inside, but when you have a house with 8 christians that know the word, why not? We spent most of our time talking about the trinity and salvation by grace (Jdubs deny the trinity and they are functionally works righteous - they've also got a bunch of other weird doctrine, but that stuff is secondary). The two guys promised that they would return to talk to me. I don't know what else there is to talk about...maybe I can memorize the false prophecies that the watchtower made (like the return of Christ in 1914 or something like that...)

Today after purchasing a sunday newspaper, some Jdubs that were sitting in a car in the parking lot of the supermarket that i went to asked me over to their car to show me a watchtower article on 5 steps to financial success (or something like that). They must have a Jdub Joel Osteen writing articles for the watchtower now. I wasn't particularly nice to them. The conversation went something like "I'm a all are not christians...Jesus Christ is God - the bible clearly teaches it...the watchtower society is a bad organization, *dueces*" (all in <1min). There was grace in my speech, but there really wasn't. I feel like I should have a more patient disposition when confronting people like them. I have a better track record with mormons. Pray for me.


I was given an opportunity to lead my monday night bible study last week. The guy that taught the week before me came out of james 1:1-12, so being uncertain of what I should do, I decided to continue from where he left off and in doing that, I focused on the 12th verse:

Blessed is the man that remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

...yeah...a really rich text.

ALSO - it is going to cost me something like $400 to get my spark plugs changed. Apparently, three of them are located under this humongous intake manifold (or whatever it is called) and the labor will take about 4 hours. I'm going to look into doing it myself. I'll prob go to an autozone to buy/rent the tools for the job or something. I refuse to be a victim of "4 hours of labor". It'll probably take the mechanic 1 hour to do it...

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