Thursday, March 5, 2009

Paralyzed by choice

Without fail this always happens to me. I say to myself "Self you're going to run into [store X] for like 5mins and then get back on the road", but this is never the case.

I always end up standing in an aisle with 3 or 4 products in hand making USELESS comparisons!

I will be straight if there is just one option, but when presented with a choice, it's like i get paralyzed.

Like today, I spent what had to have been 15 minutes in an aisle comparing 4 different brands of glucosamine supplements.

"Oh ok, this is one is buy one get one free"
"But this one is ranked #1 by 9 out of 10 physicians"
"This one has the cheapest cost per pill"
"But this one has a different formula - same glucosamine, different 'extra stuff'"
"Does the extra stuff even matter?"
"Maybe that's why 9 out of 10 doctors rank it number one - that extra stuff could be the bee's knees"
"The generic brand served me well in the past..."
"But for some reason it isn't the cheapest one"

I do this ALL the time...and it BOTHERS me to no end. I figure out the price per ounce when deciding between buying the small size peanut butter as opposed to the larger jar. Then once i figure out which one is more expensive, I then spend some extra time figuring out if the extra $0.25 in cost is worth the benefit (portability) of having 2 smaller containers.

I do this on a different level when i clothes shop, because clothes shopping is like making a multi-year committment to the item that you are purchasing. This is one of the reasons why I choose to shop alone. If any sane person were with me, i'm sure that they would consider taking my life at several points during the shopping experience.

I don't think that this would bother me as much if I were actually on a budget and each dollar really mattered for my "making it through to the end of the month". But the truth is that i'm not on a budget. I rarely spend my expendable income on "pleasure" (i mean...if you don't count the 6 days of the week that I drive 20+ miles to do something (bible study (m) - home fellowship (w) - rehearsal (r) - different bible study (f) - baltimore outreach (sa) - church (su)) as "pleasure"). Is something wrong with me? Is this a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder?

In my defense - there are some things that i can truly walk into and out of a store for. I finished my study on "best bread for price" a few years back, so there is no need for me to waste time when purchasing bread. I also know exactly which milk i want (doesn't hurt that the stores only carry one brand) .

still haven't heard anything back from nyu. tomorrow might be the day...

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