Monday, May 9, 2011

How did she afford it?

A friend of mine who works in a hospital recently had to tend to a lady who checked herself in using a "medicaid/healthplus/healthfirst/neighborhood card". The kicker is that the lady had Louis Vuitton and Prada purses, a bulova watch and jimmy choo shoes. Combined, those things could run upwards of $3,000.

The question that we all ask when we see such things is HOW CAN THEY AFFORD IT? Here's my list of potential explanations:

1. Sugar Daddies
2. All-cash jobs + tax fraud
3. Illegal all-cash jobs (which automatically includes tax fraud)

4. Lots of kids - the more kids you have, the more eligible you become for government assistance (some ppl may have something really negative to say about this, but society is better off if we provide some measure of support to even the most irresponsible of baby makers)

5. Theft (people steal from retail ALL the time - there's a reason why there is so much money to be made in the security, security device & shrinkage prevention business)

6. Employed as a gopher for a major fashion magazine/photographer. All the money in the fashion industry goes to designers/creatives and people on top - everyone on the bottom gets paid peanuts and those on the very bottom don't always get insurance with their peanuts...but a lot of ppl on the bottom get occasional swag.

7. Dressing to attract sugar daddies (women are more likely to pick up sugar daddies if they dress the's kinda like working as a level 1 employee, but realizing that you wont get to level 2 without dressing like a level 2 dresses). The only reason that i know this is b/c a lot of my friends from undergrad went into ibanking and they often get invited to parties where there is no shortage of very elegant looking women who have NO discernible source of income - this is the case for ibankers, professional athletes, drug dealers and other kinds of very wealthy ppl

8. this is getting kinda long.

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