Monday, May 9, 2011


been reading this book for quite some time. The men at my church are reading it in men's groups and the ladies, fresh from finishing Piper's "When I don't desire God" are about to start it. This book is awesome. Tim Chester does an awesome job providing insight into the human condition through a biblical lens. Here's some puritan quoting from one of his end of the chapter "reflections" that i found particularly helpful.

1. The pleasure of sin
temptation: Look at my smiling face, and listen to my charming voice. Here is pleasure to be enjoyed. Who can stay away from such delights?
The believer: The pleasures of sin are real, but so are the pangs of conscience...The pleasures of sin are real, but pleasing God is much sweeter.

2. The secrecy of sin
temptation: This sin will never disgrace you in public because no one will ever find out.
The believer: Can you find somewhere without the presence of God for me to sin?

4. The smallness of sin
temptation: It's only a little thing, a small matter, a trifle. Who else would worry about such a trivial thing?
The believer: Is the majesty of heaven a small matter too? If i commit this sin, I would offend and wrong a great God. Is there any little hell [for] little sinners? Great wrath awaits those the world thinks are little sinners...why should i be unfaithful toward God for such a trifle?

5. The grace of God
temptation: God will pass over this as a weakness. He wont make a big deal of it.
The believer: Where do i find a promise of mercy to presumptuous sinners? How can i abuse such a good God? Shall i take God's glorious mercy and make it a reason to sin? Shall i wrong him because [he is] good?

6. The example of others
temptation: Better people than you have sinned in this way. And plenty of people have been restored after committing this sin.
The believer: God didn't record the examples of good people sinning for me to copy, but to warn me. Am i willing to felt for sin?

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