Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why is Gas so expensive?

just in case you haven't given this much consideration. When we had $4 gas in 2008, barrels were $147. We have $4 gas in 2011 and barrels are in the high $90s low $100. What has changed?

Is all of this due to political unrest? I doubt it.

People speak about gas prices as though they are linearly correlated to the barrel price of crude oil, but this is either not the case, or someone in the value chain is charging a premium and extracting more than their fair share.

all signs (esp this grilling of oil company execs on capital hill) point to the exxons and BPs of the world.

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  1. HELLO.

    This is why I've been taking Metro more often. Something is wrong, and I hate feeling like I'm being yanked with a chain. If those people think I'm enslaved to oil, they'll learn soon that I (and millions others) AREN'T. The thing that angers me most is that a few years ago gas went up to $2.99, which is where it shouldn't have been in the first place. Then it went "up" to the high threes. Then it went "down" to $2.99 ... and PEOPLE WERE HAPPY! Instead of asking the real question, they're HAPPY it went back "down" to where it should have never risen to begin with.

    Those oil guys have no idea. I can take Metro for the rest of my life. I'd rather buy next year's Tesla electric car and turn my new car in than play this game with them.

    They better watch out.