Thursday, January 27, 2011


Currently reading job. I had mixed feelings concerning how much time i wanted to spend reading the book in light of the fact that job and his friends receive stern rebuke from God for some of the things they say in the closing chapters.

But yo - not everything that the say is wrong. There's a lot of truth mixed into these discourses.

Something that stood out to me the other morning was this:

"He [God] is wise in heart and mighty in strength - who has hardened himself against him and succeeded?"
-Job 9:4

It is easy to apply a text like this to unbelievers and keep it moving, but such a text serves as a warning to believers as well. I can harden my heart by selectively applying the word of God to sin in my life. How can I succeed if I live a compartmentalized life where God's truth reigns in some parts and not in others?

In unrelated news, i've got an actual job. I signed an offer just before christmas. I will be starting it after graduation

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  1. PERFECT blog post. Content-wise. Just had to say that.