Friday, January 7, 2011

Next to Normal

Went to broadway to see "Next to Normal" last night.

I went to the tkts in downtown brooklyn about 40mins before it opened only to find out that no one goes to the tkts in downtown brooklyn (so i didn't have to stand in the cold and next to chain smokers for 40mins) and they only had really expensive tickets for 30% off (and i'm not paying $90 to go see a play).

I then went to the theater's box office in the city and was told to come back for a lottery that evening. Came back for the lottery at 6pm for the 8pm show, didn't win but managed to work my way through the crowd to be #15 in line for obstructed view seats.

$40 later i'm in the theater.

The play was helpful in that it helped me to better understand the struggles that individual sufferers of mental illness and their families have to work through, but overall, i felt like the play was overrated. Whereas most critics gave the play 5 stars, I would only give it 3. I will say this: The acting was good (ESPECIALLY the lead) and the music was great as well. But the actual story was weak at several points.

The overall experience would've been better had i been on the other side of the theater with a view of the bass player and drummer ;) but c'est la vie.

I also got my car from the body shop yesterday and she is "back to normal". The entire car situation has been resolved and i'm surprised by how low the cost of everything was. I'm really thankful to the Lord for his grace extended to me in the this situation. Things could have been so much worse.

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